Can I upgrade my printer at later stage?

Most definitely yes. Wombot 3D Printers are designed and built in such a way that upgrading or changing out parts and modifying your printer to suit your specific needs is simple. You can remove the Extruder and for instance mount a bracket with a laser – and make it into laser engraver. Or maybe you would like to print yourself a bracket and have a pen in it – and make it a plotter.

Is it easy to assemble?

As you can see from the images, the Wombot range of printers are modular, rugged and minimalist by design. Ease of assembly, ease of use and simple fast maintenance are key to an efficient design.

Do I need special skills to assemble printer?

No special skills are required to assemble the Wombot range of 3D Printers, only the ability to follow step by step illustrated instructions, a willingness to learn and some spare time to carry out the assembly. Basic hand tool experience is helpful however in making sure that the printer is assembled within a reasonable time and to a standard that will result in excellent results.

What software do I have to use with printer?

All Wombots utilise Open Source Firmware (included with your Wombot). You are free to use any Slicing software you prefer, whether it be free/open-source solutions such as Cura (only up to 16.04 version), Slic3r, Skeinforge or Kisslicer or a paid commercial software like Silmplify3D. You will need to create a new machine and define a number of variables when setting up your slicer of choice – please consult the software manufacturer’s documentation on how to do this.