Large scale 3D printer made in Australia

Wombot Skeletus 3D Printing System 400mm x 400mm x 500mm build volume Fully enclosed Automatic Bed Levelling Heated Bed capable of 105 Degrees C Dual MK10 Print Head Open source footprint is 650x700x800 (D x W x H) Here we present you our Wombot Skeletus printer. It is a fully enclosed 3d printer designed and manufactured by us here in Australia Comes with all out standard features including BLTouch autolevelling and also new feature - LED lights The printer uses solid aluminium/steel rails that will ensure long printer life and smoother operation Dual MK10 extruder allow you to print in either dual colour or using two different materials It is a solid 3d printer, that has composite aluminium case, heavy and strong. Comes with 1 year return to base or part replacement warranty