In 3D printing it is very important to set the software right from the start. If you do not do that you might issues with the printer that might range from a poor quality surface finish to damage to the printer.

What slicing software can I use with Wombot 3D printers

All Wombot 3D printers are open source printers and thus you can use them with any software package that allows you to set up custom size printers and generate Gcode.

The printers are normally shipped with a copy of the Cura and Craftware (they are free and can be downloaded from the vendors at any time).

If you think that you are missing out and the freeware is not sufficient for you, there are some commercial packages available that you can buy.

Is Solidworks and other CAD packages compatible with Wombot 3D printers

All CAD packages that can export STL file are compatible with all 3D printers. STL is an industry standard file extension that is used for 3D printing and CNC machining. In some cases other file formats are supported as well.

The prints on the screen are centred but it attempts to print in the corner

In most of the cases it is software set up issue. The center (0,0) of the bed is in the corner. So make sure that the slicer doesn’t treat the bed center as the origin.

I am trying to print my first sliced object, but the surface all looks raggy

If it is your first print and the test prints came out good double check that the filament size is properly set in your slicing software.

If you have installed Cura – it sets the default filament size to 2.85mm and that causes under extrusion of the filament.

Also make sure that the flow (in some software packages it is called extrusion coefficient) is properly set


I have set the offset, but the auto bed levelling is not working

In order for the auto bed levelling to work you have to edit the opening Gcode. This is done once and doesn’t have to be repeated unless you reinstall the software.

Different software packages will have different location. In this case the example is on the Cura software.

In any case you should have these two commands in your gcode:

“G28 ;this is auto home command

G29 ;autolevelling command”

Without G29 auto levelling will not be enabled.

Once the print starts the X and Y homes properly, but once the Z starts moving it tries to drive below the bed

With auto bed levelling it is very important that the homing is done in a location that it is supposed to be done. By default some of the slicers have autohome command that home at (0,0) – at the origin. The homing should be done in the center of the bed. This is usually caused by the G28 X0 Y0, G28 Z0 command in the Gcode. see image below:

It is supposed to look like this:

The incorrect openning gcode WILL cause damage to the printer